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What is Day Trading Lords?

The Day Trading Lords is a global network of Day Traders who are firmly dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, not only in day trading but all areas of life...

What do you get when you become a Lord?

By becoming a Lord, you will gain access to exclusive resources and support to help you succeed in the stock market and life.
Here's what you can expect:

  • Two sessions a month with world-renowned psychologist to help you stay focused and on track
  • ​Voice trading with Somesh and Vee where you can trade live with us
  • Swing trades from Stockhunter who has over 40 years of experience in the market.
  • ​Best trading analysts posting their plays and picks all day to help you stay informed
  • News and macro event breakdown to help you stay informed and make informed decisions
  • ​Access to our book club where you can join in on discussions and learn from the best
  • 20-minute KPI HUDDLE session with Vee 3-4 days a week to help you stay focused and productive
  • Friday Q/A session with Somesh to clear out any doubts or questions about the stock market
  • ​New trainings on a monthly basis where we focus on things that are more responsible for your growth as a trader
  • Daily watchlist before the market open from verified 7-figure traders
  • Weekly watchlists every Sunday from verified 7-figure traders
  • Upcoming week webinars with Somesh/Vee to help you stay informed and up-to- date
  • Pre-market webinars with Somesh to help you start the day off right
  • Trade review session after trading with Somesh every day to help you learn and grow
  • ​Member trade reviews where admins will review your trades and provide feedback
  • And much more!

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